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Kid's Corner

Welcome to NAPCOR's Kids Corner!

This information is designed to teach you about PET plastic and what you can do to help make sure more PET containers get recycled in your community.

  • Recycling Know-How - to be a real recycling superstar, you have to do more than just throw a bottle into a bin. Learn and practice the simple steps for recycling!
  • Word Search - check out this word search to look for items that are made from recycled PET plastic.
  • What Kids Can Do to Make a Difference - learn how you can make a difference!
  • Recycling Glossary - find out the meaning of many recycling terms.
  • Fun Facts about PET - learn how many PET bottles it takes to make a shirt or a jacket, find out when the first PET bottle was recycled, how many recycling programs there are in the United States and more!
  • Educator Resources - we have free samples of PET bottle "preforms" available for teachers and other educators. Preforms are filled with recycled PET at various stages. 
  • Kids Recycling Zone - A new web site for kids created by the Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers. To check it out, click the image below.
  View our NAPCOR video on recycling. 
Also, check out Global PET's short videos on recycling and their Bottle Box made from 100% recycled PET. (Links to youtube.)
News & Events
December 5, 2016
Link to 2-minute "Your Bottle Means Jobs" Video
December 5, 2016
New Video Highlights Job Creation Through Plastic Bottle Recycling (link to full press release)
November 2016
Going Beyond Collection: NAPCOR looks at PET thermoform recycling opportunities and challenges in November issue of "Plastics Recycling Update"
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A guide to setting up PET recycling programs outside of the conventional curbside and drop-off programs.
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