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May 23, 2014
"A solution to the full wrap shrink recyclability problem? Not so fast" - A perspective by NAPCOR Executive Director Rick Moore -
April 2013
October 10, 2012
2011 Report on PET Container Recycling Released Today (Press Release) -- See link below to access reports page --
October 10, 2012
2011 Report on Post Consumer PET Container Recycling Activity
July 25, 2012
NAPCOR Endorses APR Full Wrap Shrink Label Protocol
March 19, 2012
SPI and NAPCOR Announce PET Thermoform Grant Award Recipients
March 1, 2012
NAPCOR Position - Full-Wrap Shrink Labels: Their Impact on PET Bottle Recycling and Sustainability
October 12, 2011
2010 Report on PET Container Recycling Released Today (Press Release) -- See link below to access Reports page --
October 12, 2011
2010 Report on Post Consumer PET Container Recycling Activity
September 2011
"Resource Recycling" magazine: �Moving Forward on PET Thermoform Recycling
August 9, 2011
NAPCOR Endorses U.S. Senate Resolution 251 in Support of Recycling
July 18, 2011
$100,000 GRANT RFP ANNOUNCED TODAY for Model PET Thermoform Recycling Program
June 30, 2011
Retail Council of Canada Announces Support for New PET Thermoform Adhesive & Label Protocol
July 2011
Also see NAPCOR's Background & Position Statement on the Recycling of PET Thermoformed Packaging
May 19, 2011
Letter to the Editor of "Plastics News"
May 3, 2011
DEGRADABLE ADDITIVES IN PET: Poor End-of-Life Option. NAPCOR Cites Continued Lack of Data.
April 2011
NEW! PET BASICS DOCUMENT: comprehensive information about the PET package. Click to view or download.
January 2011
"RESOURCE RECYCLING" January 2011. Link to pdf of recent article that expands on NAPCOR position statement pertaining to PET exports. (Also printed in "Recycling Update" November 2010.)
October 20, 2010
May 17, 2010
Using Recycled PET Saves Energy and Generates Less Greenhouse Gas: New Life Cycle Inventory Study for Recycled PET and HDPE
March 15, 2010
APR and NAPCOR Express Concerns on Mis-Use of Resin Identification Code
October 20, 2010
2009 PET RECYCLING RATE REPORT: NAPCOR and APR Report Sixth Straight Year of PET Container Recycling Rate Increase - to 28%
April 2010
Final Report - Life Cycle Inventory of 100% Postconsumer HDPE and PET Recycled Resin from Postconsumer Content and Packaging (direct link to pdf file for download).
May 28, 2009
NAPCOR calls for restraint in the use of degradable additives in PET packaging.
April 28, 2010
New Study Confirms Recycling Plastics Significantly Reduces Energy Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions
October 22, 2009
2008 Recycling Rate Report: NAPCOR and APR Report Highest PET Recycling Rate Since 1997
September 24, 2009
NAPCOR Adds Five More to Growing Member Roster
September 9, 2009
NAPCOR Welcomes Husky Injection Molding Systems and Sidel Inc. to Membership
July 24, 2009
NAPCOR refutes claims that PLA can be recycled with PET.
February 12, 2009
Degradable Additives: NAPCOR/APR Express Concerns about Impact
January 14, 2009
Venue recycling report released
December 04, 2008
NAPCOR and APR report a ten percent increase in 2007 PET collection.
May 23, 2008
NAPCOR Comments on the Safety of the PET Plastic Container
October 29, 2007
NAPCOR & APR Report Nine Percent Increase in 2006 PET Collection
September 25, 2007
THE PET Bottle: NAPCOR Reassures on PET Safety with Answers to Common Concerns.
November 30, 2006
PET Recycling Rate Up For Second Straight Year
September 9, 2005
NAPCOR Reports Increase in PET Recycling Rate and Record Volume of Recycled PET Containers
March 2005
Air Logic Power Systems and Americhem Join NAPCOR
July 14, 2004
New Technology Creates Efficiency in Roof Bolts from Post Consumer PET Bottles

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News & Events
December 5, 2016
Link to 2-minute "Your Bottle Means Jobs" Video
December 5, 2016
New Video Highlights Job Creation Through Plastic Bottle Recycling (link to full press release)
November 2016
Going Beyond Collection: NAPCOR looks at PET thermoform recycling opportunities and challenges in November issue of "Plastics Recycling Update"
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A guide to setting up PET recycling programs outside of the conventional curbside and drop-off programs.
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