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Welcome, Recycling Educators.
We believe that effective and consistent education encourages consumers to recycle. When both children and adults understand how recycled containers are re-processed and re-manufactured into new items, it helps them more fully understand and take ownership of the process. It becomes much more than just tossing a PET container into a recycling bin.

Some of the resources accessible from this page can be ordered by recycling educators at no cost. The remaining items can be downloaded or accessed from the the links below. (If you are a Recycling Coordinator, or looking to start a program, please check out our "Download" and "Resources" sections below.)

Educational materials are provided by NAPCOR member companies. All collating and shipping of orders is provided by Sustainable Materials Management of California. NAPCOR acknowledges and appreciates their valuable support of this program.

Items to Order (These items are free to recycling educators)
Set of four (4) PET preforms
Preforms are the plastic vials that are created as the first step in making PET bottles. Preforms are available filled with recycled PET flake, recycled PET pellet, recycled PET fiberfill, and a float/sink combination -- a mixture of PET flake and bottle cap material that acts as a small version of the PET cleaning and separating process when you add water. The cap material floats and the denser PET sinks to the bottom.
"PET Recycling: The #1 Success Story"
This 10-minute DVD-format film includes an overview of the PET container creation and recycling process.
Carpet Coasters
These 4.5-inch diameter carpet "coasters" are made from 100% recycled PET fiber. (Provided courtesy of Mohawk Industries.)
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Items to View or Download (Click on graphic or title to view or download)

PET BASICS: PET Features, Benefits & Information Resources
Comprehensive Information about the PET Package
Please click image or title for pdf file suitable for viewing or download (5.4 MB). Document covers PET usage, properties, recycling, safety and more. All links throughout the document, including Table of Contents, are live in order to facilitate navigation, both within the document and to other sources of relevant information.

We encourage you to take a few minutes to browse contents.

Spotlight on: Environment
A short film about the importance of recycling and some of the products made from recycled PET.
Fun Facts About PET
Since 1978, manufacturers have reduced the weight of a two-liter bottle by about 29%, from 68 grams to 48 grams.
Single-Serve Recycling Toolkit
An informative, hands-on guide for those starting a recycling program at an event or venue.
Venue & Event recycling in the USA
Includes current overview of event recycling as well as "how to" information pertaining to the various types of venues and events.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Health & Safety
Frequently Asked Questions about Recycling
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News & Events
December 5, 2016
Link to 2-minute "Your Bottle Means Jobs" Video
December 5, 2016
New Video Highlights Job Creation Through Plastic Bottle Recycling (link to full press release)
November 2016
Going Beyond Collection: NAPCOR looks at PET thermoform recycling opportunities and challenges in November issue of "Plastics Recycling Update"
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A guide to setting up PET recycling programs outside of the conventional curbside and drop-off programs.
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